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wrestler_rumble's Journal

Wrestler Rumble
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A Wrestling Rumble Contest Community for Male Wrestling Icons Only

Welcome Rules Point System Contest Schedule
Welcome to Wrestler Rumble a rumble style icon contest for male wrestling personalities. The idea for this ommunity came from seeing other communities such as disney_rumble. I want this to contest to be really fun
and am structuring it a bit differently from other rumble communities in hopes to get people new to making icons instrested in entering.

So do you like playing in photoshop, paint, gimp or paintshop? And like wrestling?

Then please give this contest a shot, I mean come on I think everyone should be able to handle making ONE 100 x 100 icon week. I will never ask you to make more than ONE icon, I want people to be able to do this every week with out feeling too much pressure.

Or do you just like looking at icons and what to participate as a voter? Join Today!
1. You must be a member to enter or participate in voting

2. No animation, this is a stillness contest

3. Only MALE Wrestlers/Wrestling Personalities from ANY Promotion. Sorry no Divas/Knockouts allowed this community is strictly for male wrestlers.

4. Do not share your icon with anyone until after voting for a round is complete as no one is suppose to know which icon is yours until the results are posted.

5. Please only submit new icons made only for this contest.

6. Icons must fit LJ standards: 40kb in size and 100x100 pixels.

7. Please read each challenge carefully.

8. Please be kind with your comments as I want to encourage people just starting out creating icons to participate.

9. You need to sign up for each round indiviual so I know you are partaking in that round or if you are skipping it and coming back next round. Remeber Seasons last for 6 weeks.

10. If you not going to be able to complete around please let me know, there is no pentaly for not completing it just nice to know why your icon was not submitted.

Now I've tried to set up the point system a little differently than other rumbles to give more ways to win at the end of a 6 week season. What this means is you don't nessarily have to come in first everytime to gain the most possible points in a round.

1st place = 5 Points

2nd place = 4 Points

3rd place = 3 Point

How To Earn Bonus Points

1 Point for entering a icon in a round.

2 Points for selecting a wrestler that on one else picked that round.

2 Points every round for mods choice.

6 Points at the end of every season if win overall top icon.
The contest will be run in seasons, each season will run for six weeks and consists of 6 rounds. Meaning there is 1 round every week.

Monday - Round Sign Up open and the challenge is posted

Wednesday - Mid Week Reminder Post

Friday - Round Closes at 11pm EST and Voting will start ASAP

Sunday - Voting Closes at 11pm EST. Winners and Point Totals will be posted ASAP


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